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Upgrade Eaglesoft – Workstation

Workstation Installation or Upgrade Prerequisites

  • Estimated install time for Eaglesoft 21 is between 5 and 30 minutes per workstation depending on the speed of your computer.
  • Eaglesoft 21 must already be installed on the server computer.
  • Run any outstanding Windows Updates and Reboot
  • Close any running programs including Eaglesoft on this computer.


Step 1: Download the installed

Note: The same installer used on the server can be used on each workstation


  • Download the installer from the Server or from
  • This typically defaults to save to your Downloads folder.
  • If you have already downloaded this on your server and copied it to a shared location, you may access it in the shared directory instead of downloading it again.


Step 2: Run the installer

  • Double-Click EaglesoftSetup_XX.XX.XX.exe to begin installation. (XX.XX.XX will be replaced with the version number)
  • Click Install Eaglesoft


Step 3: Wait for the installer to install any Pre-reqs needed

Optional: Based on your setup, this screen may not appear.

  • If any prerequisites exist that need installed, click Install. Otherwise, skip to the next step.


Step 4: Enter in the License Key

  • Enter your Eaglesoft License Key.
  • Read the license agreement. Choose I accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next.


Step 4: Install location and Settings

  • To change the install location, create the Eaglesoft folder in the desired location first, then click Change and browse to the newly created Eaglesoft folder.
  • Select how you want to install your Eaglesoft:
    • Workstation Only
  • Select Summary to view a recap of the installed components.
  • Click Install


Step 5: Finishing the Installation

  • The Finishing Patterson Installation window appears. Please be patient during this process.
  • Click Finish.
  • Click Yes to restart your computer.
  • Reboot your computer after installing.

    This completes workstation installation. Repeat steps on each workstation you will use for Eaglesoft

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